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Once the weekend is past, you will once again be focusing on questions of principle: where, for example, do you really want your life to lead? In love, hang on to your secrets; nobody has the right to pry into the deepest recesses of your soul.

Capricorn Horoscope

Perhaps you have tried to force too many changes through at home this year. Yet, whatever you feel now, if you are a truly sensitive person you will already be aware of undercurrents that are bound to produce further upheavals. You have about four weeks before you are obliged to face the truth, so make the most of it.

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You will probably be unaware of the stressful patterns sent your way by the Moon and Pluto. This does not change the fact that, one way or another, these planets will have their effect, perhaps through unsettling dreams, but also through your wallet! Emotionally speaking, you do seem to be on the right track. Seldom have you experienced a period when close associates seemed to be so in command.

As your travel stars are strong, this is an ideal moment for second honeymoons and holiday romances.

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It may be time, once again, to point out a fact of life you too often ignore: this is a period of great change and, as such, one when you should not expect everything to be plain sailing. You must realise, though, that in every event is a thoroughly helpful and worthwhile lesson to be learnt and remembered for the future. Perhaps you are only now emerging triumphant from a trial of wills at work. Even though diplomacy may not be your greatest asset at the moment, there seems to be little you can do to sabotage your professional relationships.

Why not take the line of least resistance and let partners take the decisions — and the responsibility. Even when Mercury, which has such a powerful role in your ambitions, alters its position, this will do little to affect the status of a current agreement. Capricorn April Especially in work and finances things will be going well, the righ Capricorn May Capricorn June In June Capricorn born people will face many challenges.

Capricorn February Monthly Horoscope Predictions | kinsdreamsaroghuast.ga

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Capricorn Feb 8-14 Weekly Tarot Forecast- Major life events

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    Scroll down. Horoscope Capricorn Turn on the volume! Vitality and Well-Being: The sun will be in the neighboring sign Aquarius through February 18th to form a semi-sextile aspect which is treated the same as a quincunx aspect in astrology. Career, Money and Communication: Mercury will be in the neighboring sign of Aquarius through February 10th , forming a semi-sextile which means it will not be providing much assistance.

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