Jacqueline bigar scorpio horoscope

Three stars Creativity floats through everything you do. You cannot seem to put a cap on it. Dealing with people could be inordinately challenging otherwise. By not sharing, you trigger others to want to hear your opinions. Tonight: Let your imagination rock and roll.

What is important is not to get too involved in a risk.

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You could be very sorry in the long run. Beating around the bush might feel better but also could have a sum-total negative effect.

Tonight: Skedaddle on home. Three stars Listen to what is happening with a friend. You could be closing down.

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Though you might be uncomfortable with the topic, you do want to understand and be helpful. Tonight: Blowing off steam. One star Listen to someone and make it a point to get his or her message. You might be uncomfortable, but the end experience will be worth it. Tonight: Whatever makes you smile. A situation surrounding finances could be sticky. One star Know when to back out. A light, mirthful approach brings many different reactions. Others depend on you being the voice of reason — why not give up the role for a day or so?

Tonight: Read between the lines. Three stars Zero in on what you want, knowing full well what is going on behind the scenes. Tonight: Where the gang is. One star Acknowledge what is going on behind the scenes. Your ability to make a difference comes out. Someone might challenge a decision, and that could be costly. Know how to establish some boundaries in order to prevent this type of happening. Tonight: Count on a late night. Actress Karen Grassle is Actress Tea Leoni is Comedian Carrot Top is Until you get more information, you'll tend to fuss.

A child might feel like a burden, but isn't in the long run. Tonight: Return a call; relax and then decide. You could want to clear out a financial development before it affects you. Someone around you is unusually creative; this person triggers more creativity from you. Don't allow someone's mood or attitude to spoil the day. Tonight: Curb a desire to pounce. Your determination comes through because you're resolute about getting more answers.

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You'll do whatever you can to get a good talk going. If you can't find some information, you might feel more confused by the end of day. Tonight: With a favorite person. You need to come to an understanding with an important associate in your office.

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This person has felt closed off and less willing to open up to a new course or direction. He or she would like some support. Do what's right for you. Tonight: Get some extra R and R. You might want to be more easygoing, but you tend to be fussy and impossible. This period hasn't been easy. Often, you find that you're in a control game or a power play.

You could find that too much chatter surrounds you.

Tonight: Stay close to home. You might want to move past an immediate hassle at home.

You might become more focused on what works well and opt to go through a phase of being centered. Don't let your inner dialogue get too wild. Tonight: You wild thing. One-on-one relating could draw your temper out. You could want to express an idea differently. Your words carry an implied message of "Let's do what we planned.

Tonight: Make the most of the moment. Let your gregarious personality call the shots. Story continues below.

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The earthy side of your personality emerges and becomes extraordinarily practical and realistic. If you're establishing boundaries in a relationship or friendship, vague limits will not cut it. Tonight: Checking out a new restaurant. You wake up knowing today is your day to go for a special wish you've kept on the back burner. When a dear friend or loved one appears to be all smiles, you ask for suggestions. Remember that Rome was not built in a day. Tonight: Off enjoying being entertained. Others might chalk up your lack of enthusiasm to moodiness.

Actually, you might be feeling negative about a certain project and would prefer to let it go for now.

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Just smile and make other plans. Tonight: Not to be found. Zero in on what you want. Few can resist the charm of a Leo, especially today.