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You need to keep enough provision to meet unexpected expense. You are able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably.

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July to September As a matter of caution, you need to refrain from taking major decision in money matters in haste driven by impulse here. Take major decision after due deliberation and viewing thing from long term in view. Inflow of money is to increase here for you. You are not to incur any major expense. You are able to save money satisfactorily for future needs. October to December Inflow of money is to steadily keep increasing for you.

On financial front you are to remain in a strong position. You do not have to bear any major expense here. After end of October, you are likely to get good opportunity to have spirit enlivening financial gain. Your personal expenses are to increase. You may need to increase provision for family. Click here to get Yearly horoscope for Pisces:. It is unusual to have three conjunctions involving three of the five outer planets in the same year. Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, building during , exact on 12th January and continuing during and beyond.

At the time of writing this piece January , Saturn in Capricorn has recently moved significantly closer to Pluto for the first time, within about 8 degrees.

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During April and May , the conjunction will be within 3 degrees of exact, before easing off then building to January Using the western tropical zodiac, the conjunction falls in Capricorn, hence the worlds of economics and politics and other Capricornian themes hard reality, organization, limitation, integrity are the focus of a profound transformation.

Along with countless other astrologers, I have previously blogged about Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn teaming up with Pluto in is a crucial focus of that process. As extensively researched and documented by Richard Tarnas:. Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn throughout , exact on 4th April, 30th June and 12th November. Unlike Saturn-Pluto, the second conjunction of is potentially much more optimistic and creative, although not without a dark side. At its best, Jupiter-Pluto is all about positive healing and re-generation.

It signifies upbeat new beginnings, here likely in relation to the broken Capricornian worlds of economics and politics.

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Many huge drives for success, improvement and achievement in the pursuit of excellence are likely to be launched at this time. Taking genuine responsibility is a key theme but a reforming zeal and obsession with power could be problematic.

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The old may have to be eliminated as organizations and bureaucracies dig deep into their roots, bringing hidden or secret aspects of reality to light. At its best think Gandhi or maybe even Bill Gates, who were born with Jupiter-Pluto this conjunction can sow the seeds for healing the world. The currently scheduled date for the next USA election is 3rd November, immediately followed by the final pass of Jupiter-Pluto.

Many western astrologers have had their eye on this one for a long time. The general historic importance of Jupiter-Saturn cycles has long been observed. A good time for introspection as well. October has Jupiter in opposition to the sign for Gemini folks. And in turn Jupiter would be in square aspect 90 deg with Uranus. This advises Gemini guys to remain cautious of the things happening around. A complex situation would be presented to you these days.

You would be highly incited yet impulsive as well, slow down. Have the brakes under your control and do not let others overtake your steering this month.

You would be very inquisitive all this period. A good time to mind your business and go in for some social and charity works to keep you engaged.

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Gemini guys would be having the planets Jupiter and Pluto in opposition deg to their sign all through this November However it would be quite a favourable period despite the malefic aspect as Jupiter would subside the influence of Pluto quite considerably. This would be a time that favors your doing good for those around.

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You would also be quite loving and affectionate these days. Use this positive vibe to spread goodness around. Also this November helps you hone up your skills and regain your confidence. In December , Mercury and Sun would be in direct opposition deg to your sign. This would bring you problems from all quarters. You would be pulled in al directions. Your hand would be full of responsibilities. Be cautious and do not bite more than you can chew. Take time off at times.

Your intelligence would be brought to the fore these days. Do slow down a bit when things around seem to be rushed up. Prioritize your works. Gemini Yearly horoscope astrology insights by month. Career horoscope For Gemini The career life of Gemini folks would be a smooth sail this year. Love and Marriage horoscope For Gemini Geminis would have a happy and intense love life through the year ahead.

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Anything unresolved for the past year or so gets cleared up now. For the next one year period, things would not be all that rosy however. Troubles, rifts, temporary separations from partner are probable, but then you would have the guts and the energy to handle these situations amicably. You would have an innate need to be loved and to love these days ahead. Finance horoscope For Gemini The year does not seem to be quite a good period for the financial status of Gemini folks.

Health horoscope For Gemini The year would slow down the general pace of Gemini natives. Advice For Gemini in Gemini natives are advised to go slow for the period ahead as this would help you win situations around. February Favorable planetary positions exist all this month for Gemini guys. March During March , Sun and Mercury are in square relation 90 deg with Pluto which loiters in your opposite sign. April This April starts on a peaceful note for Gemini folks. May For Gemini guys, Mars bring about the passions and emotions to the foreground.

June Happy birthday Gemini. July Gemini people have Pluto in opposition deg to their sign. August Gemini folks have the planet Uranus in square 90 deg to their sign. September Gemini folks would be guided by Mars which equips them with much energy and enthusiasm through this September October October has Jupiter in opposition to the sign for Gemini folks. November Gemini guys would be having the planets Jupiter and Pluto in opposition deg to their sign all through this November December In December , Mercury and Sun would be in direct opposition deg to your sign.

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