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Pagina de pornire. When these five elements are combined for a day then, they are termed as Panchang. The app will also provide you mobile notification on all Indian fast, festivals and muhurat so that you never skip on any important event. It has been made available for Android devices with similar features as same as native calendar. This new app from World 1 astrology portal, AstroSage, is one of the most reliable app for any astrological prediction.

This native Panchang, which doesn't need Internet connectivity comes with following features which are as follows.

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The app will also provide you tithi, vaar, festival, panchak, full moon Purnima and no moon Amavasya day in each month. Panchang category also provides you planetary position and hora chart for day and night. Hindi Calendar displays Rashifal of all zodiac sign rashi for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Select your moon sign from mesh, vrishabha, mithun, karka, simha, kanya, tula, vrishchik, dhanu, makar, kumbh, meen, and read your aaj ka rashifal in Hindi.

Hindi Calendar displays Choghadiya of day and night as per your place and date.

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